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A Little Knowledge on Struts and Shocks

Struts and shocks are two important parts of the suspension system of a car. Struts are the components that are connected to the body of a car and they provide support to the car’s weight. Shocks, on the other hand, provide dampening to a vehicle as it moves over uneven terrain.

Struts work in tandem with shocks to offer a smooth ride.

A Shelf of Rebuilt Shock Absorbers

Struts are the suspension system that supports the weight of a car. In other words, they are the shock absorbers of a car. Struts are usually made from steel or aluminum, and they have springs inside them.

The struts provide support to the vehicle and help it to maintain its shape when it is being driven on bumpy roads. They also help in distributing weight evenly across different parts of the vehicle which in turn helps in reducing wear and tear on different parts of the vehicle.

A shock absorber, or suspension, is a mechanical device for absorbing shocks. The shock absorbers are usually fitted between the chassis and the springs of a car to reduce the level of disturbance felt by passengers.

Shock absorbers come in various shapes and sizes depending on their intended application. For example, they can be mounted externally on vehicles or internally in the form of hydraulic jacks to provide support against crushing forces inside a pressurized container.

Car Suspension

Struts are mainly found on the front and rear suspensions of a car, but they can also be found on other vehicles such as motorcycles and buses.

There are two types of strut modifications that can be done: lowering and lifting. The first one involves adding spacers to the strut to lower it, while the latter involves changing out the springs for ones with a greater load capacity or stiffer rate.

Shock modification is used in cars to improve performance. Shock modifications are often used in muscle cars and classic cars, but they can also be found on some modern vehicles. The main reason for these modifications is to make the vehicle more comfortable to drive on different types of roads.